Katy Saulpaugh Featured in Change Management Podcast

EK Practice Lead Katy Saulpaugh was recently interviewed by change management expert Heather Stagl in an interview as part of her regular podcast, Influence Change at Work. Saulpaugh spoke about the intersection between change management and knowledge management and her work with various government and nonprofit clients.

Katy’s talk covered her experiences in change management and knowledge management consulting, focusing on the importance of those two concepts together. Some of the topics covered during the broadcast included the following:

  • How change management can help implicit knowledge become explicit knowledge;
  • The importance of KM in a rapidly changing workplace; and
  • Engagement techniques that work for both change and knowledge focused initiatives, such as communities of practice and retrospectives.

The interview is a special video edition of Influence Change at Work, a monthly show on Blog Talk Radio hosted by Stagl since 2009. To tune in to future episodes, follow the Enterprise Knowledge or Enclaria pages on Facebook.


About Enterprise Knowledge

Enterprise Knowledge (EK) is a services firm that integrates Knowledge Management, Information Management, Information Technology, and Agile Approaches to deliver comprehensive solutions. Our mission is to form true partnerships with our clients, listening and collaborating to create tailored, practical, and results-oriented solutions that enable them to thrive and adapt to changing needs.

About Enclaria and Heather Stagl

As founder of Enclaria, Heather Stagl equips individuals and teams to influence change at work through individual coaching, team workshops, and training programs. Heather is a blogger and radio host of the “Influence Change at Work” show on BlogTalkRadio. She is the author of 99 Ways to Influence Change and the change management toolkit, the Irresistible Change Guide.