Sagar to Speak at AgileDC 2019

Anita Sagar HeadshotEK Senior Consultant, Anita Sagar, will be speaking at the upcoming AgileDC Conference at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. on September 23, 2019.

The topic of Sagar’s talk is “Prioritizing Business Value through the Bockman Technique (Agile Release Planning Prioritization).” The presentation will highlight Agile release planning and provide a high-level summary timeline of the release schedule based on the product roadmap and vision for the product’s evolution. Further, Sagar will inform participants on how this technique allows a product team to decide how much needs to be developed and how long it will take to have a releasable product based on business goals. 

In her session, individuals will work in teams to prioritize hypothetical user stories according to the business value of the given scenario. Individuals will leave this session with a game/technique to efficiently prioritize their backlog according to value with input from the entire team.

You can still register for the one-day conference at: