Our Services

Software Development

The Enterprise Knowledge development team helps customers implement practical solutions to solve their knowledge and information management problems.  Our consultants have deep expertise in a wide range of KM solutions including:

  • Informational web sites and products,
  • Intranets / Digital workspaces,
  • Content and document management solutions,
  • Digital asset management,
  • Enterprise search,
  • Taxonomy and ontology management, and
  • Text analytics.

Our specialization in KM solutions means that our developers understand the products and kind of problems that are specific to KM.  This specialization allows us to be more than just developers. Our development team is really consultants who can anticipate your business needs and deliver practical solutions that offer immediate value.

What We Do

EK consultants have experience implementing KM solutions with a wide range of commercial and open source products that support better knowledge and information management. Our experience includes the following products:

Web Content Management Drupal
Content Management Alfresco
Enterprise Search Solr
Elastic Search
Taxonomy Management PoolParty
Concept Searching
Text Analytics Expert Systems
Stanford NLP

Our Approach

Our consultants use an agile approach to deliver KM solutions that solve real problems.  We work with your team to iteratively deliver new features and functionality so that business users see immediate value and can react to working solutions.

Our consultants can work collaboratively with your in-house development team, sharing our product and KM expertise or we can own and manage the entire delivery of your solution.  In either situation, our collaborative approach helps ensure that our customers get the solution they want more quickly and with fewer surprises.  


Our customers count on us to deliver practical solutions to Knowledge Management problems.  Our unique expertise in this area, allows us to rapidly deliver solutions that provide immediate business impact.  EK has implemented knowledge management solutions for a wide range of industries in five different continents.

EK has implemented a wide spectrum of KM solutions including:

  • SharePoint based intranets, knowledge bases and records management solutions;
  • Open source cloud solutions for collaborative communities;
  • Mobile applications for knowledge and information sharing;
  • Custom search tools to expose information across a number of repositories; and
  • Collaborative learning communities.

Let our developers help take the risk out of your latest KM implementation.