Personalization Proof of Concept

Content personalization has become a requirement for any organization seeking to create loyal customers, partners, and employees. When people interact with various digital experiences, they expect information which is relevant – both to their needs as an individual and to their current context.

Content personalization can help meet many of your knowledge management needs.



Are your employees frustrated navigating through an overly complicated intranet or searching through a cumbersome learning management system?


Personalized content can show your employees the crucial business operations information that’s most relevant to their role and improve the performance of daily tasks.

Targeted learning paths communicate that you’re invested in your team’s growth.



Are your partners empowered with accurate and authoritative information which builds their confidence in your products and services?


Content personalization provides consistent and accurate information at the point of need.

Your partners will be more quickly and efficiently enabled to sell and support your products and services.



Is your customer satisfaction and retention suffering because of difficulty finding the right product documentation? Even worse – are your customers unable to find the right information necessary to purchase your products or services?


Personalized content reduces the clutter of irrelevant content – showing your customers self-service product and service information that’s most relevant to their needs.

When customers are ready to contact you or make a purchase, personalized content can ensure they have the information which is most essential for them to take action.

Delivering personalized digital experiences is another tool in your knowledge management toolbox – helping deliver the right information to the right people at the right time.

Looking to unlock your specific use cases?

What is EK’s Personalization Proof of Concept?

The Personalization Proof of Concept is an 8 week program to initiate your personalization strategy and start your journey to deliver personalized content, optimize knowledge management, and maximize business outcomes.

The Personalization POC will help your organization to:

  • Get a facilitated introduction to the technologies and best practices which enable personalization
  • Initiate a personalization strategy – complete with content and metadata models – that can iteratively improve over time;
  • Validate the personalized experience with user research;
  • Implement the POC for a prioritized use case leveraging Heretto for structured content components; and
  • Leverage an executive presentation to articulate the value proposition of the personalization strategy and socialize the roadmap to production-ready personalized digital experiences.

How Does It Work?

In eight weeks you’ll have an interactive proof of concept which demonstrates the impacts personalized content delivery can have for your prioritized business objectives. This proof of concept, delivered alongside a practical roadmap and executive presentation, will make the esoteric possibilities of personalized content real for your organization, empowering action and enabling outcomes-oriented decision making.

1. Discover & Prioritize

EK will start with targeted interviews and analysis of existing business objectives. This analysis will enable the effective prioritization of the use case and content which will realize the most impact for your proof of concept.

2. Personalization Workshop

Participate in interactive training activities which upskill your team in the basics of personalization-based content strategy and personalization technologies. EK will facilitate activities which allow participants to apply concepts and co-design the prioritized personalized content experience.

3. Content Modeling & Personalization

Design and validate the content model and the user interfaces which will provide the personalized user experiences best positioned to realize the prioritized business objectives.

4. Proof of Concept Development

EK will build out the structured content model in Heretto, as well as a custom front-end application which will provide an interactive, user experience, personalized by prioritized personas.

5. Executive Presentation

The interactive proof of concept will be supplemented by an executive presentation which provides an overview of the tool and its alignment to business objectives. Technical recommendations for the next phase of your personalization strategy, as well as an actionable roadmap will protect your investment and accelerate the next phase of your journey.

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