Workshop and Design

Establish the foundation for your data and AI initiatives while upskilling your team on the foundations of semantic knowledge graphs and data modeling.

Piloting and MVP Development

Rapid design and implementation of custom semantic models and knowledge graph applications to gain alignment and see value quickly. 

Implementation and Scale

Implement an enterprise knowledge graph architecture to transform your organization’s data connectivity, standardization, and discoverability.  

What We Do

We design and implement solutions that optimize the way you use your knowledge, data, and information.

Enterprise Data Strategy and Management

Metadata Strategy & Implementation

Knowledge Graph Design and Implementation

Enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Data Governance and Implementation Support

Tool Selection and Integration

Knowledge Graph University (KGU)

Knowledge graph of knowledge graph components

Applications and Outcomes


Save time looking for information and discover new insights from your data.

Effective data management solutions, like knowledge graphs, enable users to search for and find relevant information at the time of need, as well as discover new information or connections that they were previously unaware of.

Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Search, and Chatbots

Knowledge Panel and Aggregator Pages

Targeted Content Recommendations


Reduce redundant data efforts, remove obsolete information, and find connections between different systems.

Standardizing the metadata used across your organization is crucial to breaking down data silos, powering search, and providing input to artificial intelligence applications like machine learning.

Content Cleanup and Deduplication

Text Analytics, Auto-Tagging, and Auto-Classification

Lineage, Data Observability and Tracking


Get the right information to the right people in the right format so that they can make informed decisions.

Robust data management enables technical and non-technical users alike to make data driven decisions via analytics tools that can be customized to solve your business needs.

Automated Reporting

Business Process Mapping

Analytics and Dashboards

With These Capabilities Your Organization Will Be Able To…

  • Easily obtain actionable insights from massive amounts of information, regardless of the type of information or where it is located (across business units, departments, systems, and locations);
  • Connect and show meaningful relationships between your data, regardless of size, type, and format; and
  • Maximize the use and reuse of your internal content by laying the foundation for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and semantic applications.

How To Partner With Us

Design and implement advanced information and data solutions that are tailored to your organization.

Design and implement advanced information and data solutions that are tailored to your business. Bridge organizational silos, connect diverse domains of knowledge and information, and accelerate holistic decision making. 

Strategy and Roadmapping

Our data strategy and implementation work spans the public and private sectors. We begin with design workshops coupled with bottom-up data, content, and information analysis to thoroughly understand your organization’s key business priorities, strategic goals, data inventory, and current technical capabilities. This will enable us to define your data management and governance vision, develop an effective work plan, and create a tailored roadmap designed to align with your internal goals and capabilities for data efforts.

Modeling and Architectural Design

Effective enterprise data models are essential to connecting and standardizing information so that it can be leveraged to meet business goals. Our experts will help you design an enterprise ontology, or semantic data model, to model your domain and the unique components of your organization. The ontology can be used to transform existing data, capture and standardize implicit data, and generate missing data via inference and artificial intelligence. Our solutions architects can design comprehensive and efficient knowledge graph solutions ensuring data findability and customized models that answer the business questions your organization needs to answer.

Software Selection

While our data solutions recognize that software is only one piece of the puzzle, we know that navigating the myriad of technology options available for enterprise initiatives can be difficult. Our consultants bring their experience working with a wide range of tools to conduct a vendor fit analysis of potential software options tailored to data management, metadata/taxonomy management, data cataloging and governance as well as knowledge graph database needs. This yields a short-list of candidate software vendors that will offer solutions for achieving your goals in the most efficient and effective way. Based on the preferred vendor, we then develop a high-level data and information architecture and model to visualize how the tools best fit and integrate within your technology framework for a successful implementation.

Implementation and Integration

EK’s in-house, full stack developers (our taxonomists, ontologists, architects, engineers, data scientists, and developers) implement knowledge graphs, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP) and semantic technologies for a range of public and commercial institutions. We help you effectively and incrementally develop and deliver the strategy, manage and assist in the execution of the implementation plan, and show results quickly and consistently.

Governance and Scalability

Many data initiatives fail because there’s no plan for scale and maintenance. EK’s governance and change management experts will work with your organization to ensure that our solutions will evolve and scale to fit your needs, developing robust processes to ensure data integrity, security, and evolution over time.

Get Started

Find the right level of engagement approach and support model for your organization’s maturity needs.

Design Workshop Facilitation

Many organizations fail to find an effective starting point for their data strategy and implementation efforts, delaying critical efforts because they don’t know how or where to start. Get started by developing a shared vision to drive the practical development of starter data models. Take the first step by getting a repeatable process of tangible activities that treat stakeholders and end-users as partners and co-creators. This workshop is designed to create alignment and a working plan to maximize your investments in advanced data management and governance models. Specifically, the workshop will enable you to: 

  • Gain a baseline understanding of flexible and advanced semantic data models;
  • Develop a shared understanding of design goals and identify related business value; 
  • Convey challenges associated with actual business users that span enterprise data management systems and represent different needs; 
  • Develop a prioritized list of metadata and semantic models for use in the classification model; and 
  • Develop clear, practical, and tailored next steps for enriching and expanding the starter ontology and graph model for the rest of your organization.

Download our two-day workshop flyer.

Knowledge Graph Accelerator

Decision-makers and business stakeholders need to see and experience knowledge graphs to understand the monumental challenges they can solve for your organization. The Knowledge Graph Accelerator offering with Enterprise Knowledge (EK) will help you address this need, establishing a practical, best practices-based roadmap and prototype to quickly realize the potential of knowledge graphs.

In eight weeks or less, the Knowledge Graph Accelerator will deliver understanding, alignment, and a first implementable version (FIV) knowledge graph prototype, ensuring your organization quickly gains everything they need to move forward. Over this time period, you’ll engage with leading experts in graph data modeling, graph technologies, and Enterprise AI to see the following outcomes:

  • Better understand the foundations of knowledge graphs, including graph data model, data mapping, and data management;
  • Design a first implementable version (FIV) knowledge graph that can be scaled and enhanced;
  • Implement a pilot version of your graph solution leveraging a knowledge graph-based data management solution; and
  • Identify a strategy for your organization to make Enterprise AI a reality.

Ready to get started? Learn more about the knowledge graph accelerator and contact us to unlock your use cases. 

Semantic LLM Accelerator

With the right context, Large Language Models (LLMs) can be a powerful tool to accelerate enterprise digital transformations. Knowledge graphs provide that enterprise context, giving organizations the ability to understand and trust LLMs to take advantage of their powerful applications. The Semantic LLM Accelerator offering with Enterprise Knowledge (EK) will help you capitalize on the capabilities of an LLM powered by a knowledge graph, demonstrating the potential of a Semantic LLM through a practical and efficient roadmap and prototype. 

In ten weeks or less, the Semantic LLM Accelerator will deliver understanding, alignment, and a first implementable version (FIV) Semantic LLM prototype. By engaging with experts in graph data modeling, LLM best practices and standards, and Enterprise AI, you will be able to:

  • Prioritize and pilot key use cases to quickly validate the application of an LLM;
  • Define and pilot your first implementable version (FIV) of a Semantic LLM;
  • Upskill your team in graph and LLM best practices and standards; and
  • Align on an implementation roadmap to scale Enterprise AI (e-AI) usage across your organization. 

Ready to get started? Download our Semantic LLM Accelerator flyer and contact us to unlock your use cases.

Rapid Prototype Development – Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Implementation

Start with rapid prototypes and/or pilot efforts that use our phased approach and demonstrate the benefits and flexibility needed to validate models and quickly show progress within a 12-14 week period. Starting with this phased approach will allow you to:

  • Identify and develop a cost-efficient semantic model (ontology) and tailored knowledge graph with a selected set of data, a content repository, or a business domain;
  • Implement a graph-powered search to demonstrate how semantic technologies can be used to integrate and retrieve your information, regardless of structure or location;
  • Develop a foundation for knowledge graphs which can serve as the basis for a comprehensive / scaled semantic solution;
  • Explore the organizational benefits and impact of the knowledge graphs (e.g. level of complexity, usability, context, etc.); and
  • Benefit from the knowledge transfer of our experts leading the market.

We bring our agile delivery and coaching expertise to help you define priorities and validate and demonstrate value before investing big. Contact us to get started here or to find out more.

Data Strategy and Roadmapping

Many organizations are interested in implementing artificial intelligence (AI) applications, but find it challenging to convey how AI can support their overall strategic objectives or how they can  begin these complex efforts. At EK, we work with a vast array of organizations to help define a clear and concise vision for leveraging data assets to achieve strategic business objectives. 

We start by working with your organization’s business leaders, end users, and technical experts to align their priorities and needs and analyze your current data, content, technology, and infrastructure readiness. Working with you, we’ll design a tailored data strategy and roadmap that defines an iterative plan, considering all dimensions of implementation (i.e. dependencies and interactions) and future scalability of advanced AI capabilities. In addition, we’ll help you to develop agile metrics and ROI to track progress and show business value throughout implementation, enhancement, scaling, and automation.

Our data strategy will focus on the most pressing needs at your organization, such as:

Privacy and Security

Findability and Access

Standardization and Alignment

Automation and Intelligence

Governance and Interoperability

Through partnering with EK for your data strategy and roadmap, you will get:

  • Alignment on your organizational goals and priorities for data utilization, standardization, governance, and automation; 
  • Comprehensive analysis and assessment of your current data infrastructure, governance, integration, standardization, and advanced applications with recommended activities to address critical challenges and opportunities;
  • Tool assessment and architecture design for enterprise-level data integration and standardization; and
  • A multi-year strategy to achieve your goals with an actionable roadmap that includes milestones and outcomes on a monthly and quarterly basis.

We will bring our decades of experience in advanced data management and strategy to set your organization up for a data-driven future. Let’s get started. 

Knowledge Graph University

If you’re looking to build out your team’s ability to design and implement semantic solutions, EK’s Knowledge Graph University is the place to start. Over the course of 2-3 days, our expert instructors will coach your team in the various aspects of knowledge graphs, from basic concepts and business applications to the technical skills needed to create your own knowledge graph. We tailor this course to your audience and needs, highlighting the information you need to successfully achieve your business goals. EK’s Knowledge Graph University covers the following topics and more:

  • Knowledge graph use cases and business applications;
  • Introduction to semantics and semantic web standards (RDF, OWL, SKOS, SHACL);
  • Ontology modeling;
  • Inference and reasoning;
  • Knowledge graph development;
  • Knowledge graph validation; and
  • Querying knowledge graphs (SPARQL).

This training is geared toward practitioners who are looking to make an impact on their organization’s knowledge graph initiatives, including Information Architects, Taxonomists, Ontologists, Data and Knowledge Managers, and Knowledge Graph Engineers and Implementers.

Are you ready to realize the business value a knowledge graph will bring to your organization? Learn more about EK’s Knowledge Graph University and contact us to get started.

Why Enterprise Knowledge?

We possess both the strategic expertise and the in-house technical skills needed to help you with your implementation of semantic technologies. Our experience in developing cutting edge, flexible, and scalable data models provides end-to-end design, implementation, and operations capabilities for data and information management initiatives.  

Taking a technology agnostic approach, we collaborate closely with your organization to select and develop tailored solutions that are designed to suit specific needs. We serve as the leading integrators for the top semantic and graph database technologies on the market.

Use your organization’s knowledge and data to make Enterprise AI a reality.

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