Knowledge Graph Accelerator

Knowledge graphs can make Enterprise AI a reality for your organization. The Knowledge Graph Accelerator offering with Enterprise Knowledge (EK) will help you address this need, establishing a practical, standards-based roadmap and prototype to quickly realize the potential of knowledge graphs.

Knowledge graphs provide a comprehensive view of the business concepts that are most important to you, enabling your people to get answers to their most pressing and ongoing questions.


How can I find and deploy the best internal resources? What are my hiring needs?


How can I get a complete picture of a customer journey with data from different systems?


What are my most profitable customers, regions, or products across my disparate data sources?


How can we bring a more google-like experience to our organization, getting our team to engage with the data?

Knowledge graphs are the bedrock of enterprise AI, enabling the next generation of Search, Recommendation, Chatbots, Graph Machine Learning, Natural Language Question Answering, and more.

Looking to unlock your specific use cases?

What is EK’s Knowledge Graph Accelerator?

The Knowledge Graph Accelerator is a 4-8 week program to implement and demonstrate the value of knowledge graphs in practice with your organization’s data. The Knowledge Graph Accelerator will ensure your organization is set on a path to Enterprise AI. You will achieve meaningful progress quickly, leveraging the experience of the world’s leaders in the field.

The Accelerator will help your organization:

  • Better understand the foundations of knowledge graphs, including graph data model, data mapping, and data management;
  • Design a first implementable version (FIV) knowledge graph that can be scaled and enhanced;
  • Implement a pilot version of your graph solution leveraging the knowledge graph-based data management solution; and
  • Identify a strategy for your organization to make Enterprise AI a reality.

How Does It Work?

In eight weeks or less, the Knowledge Graph Accelerator will deliver understanding, alignment, and a first implementable version (FIV) knowledge graph prototype, ensuring your organization quickly gains everything they need to move forward. Over this time period, you’ll engage with leading experts in graph data modeling, graph technologies, and Enterprise AI to complete the following activities and more:

This table shows a matrix of what you can expect to receive from EK's Knowledge Graph Accelerator, depending on the size/length of your engagement with us. For a small, 4-week engagement, your organization will receive a starter graph data model and mapping and a 90-day license to's graph-based data catalog. For a medium-sized engagement of 6 weeks duration, your organization will receive the same outputs as the small engagement, as well as data integration of up to one source through's over 50 connectors, a clickable prototype, and up to 1 customized use case to prove value and approach. For a large engagement of 8 weeks, your organization can expect the same outcomes as the first two sized engagements, but instead of one one source of data integration and one use case, each would be increased up to two, and you would also receive an advanced application tool (such as graph search, chatbot, or analytics) and a report on findings and recommendations

Decision-Makers and Business Stakeholders

need to see and experience knowledge graphs to understand the monumental challenges they can solve for your organization. The Knowledge Graph Accelerator offering with Enterprise Knowledge (EK) will help you address this need, establishing a practical, best practices-based roadmap and prototype to quickly realize the potential of knowledge graphs.

Why Accelerate Your Knowledge Graph?

By implementing your knowledge graph through this program, you will get:

Training and Knowledge Transfer

  • Introduction to knowledge graph foundations and best practices.
  • Capacity building for your knowledge managers.

Foundation for Scale

  • Initial knowledge graph that can be built upon.
  • Proof of concept for leveraging a knowledge graph-based data management solution.
  • Customized strategy for implementing a knowledge graph in your production environment.
  • Confirm that graph solutions are compatible with your data and use cases.

Alignment and Consensus

  • Showcase the value of knowledge graphs to your organization.
  • Define the use cases with the most business value.
  • Align on strategic objectives for advanced data management and insights.

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