The Role of Semantic Layers with LLMs

In today’s business landscape, Large Language Models (LLMs) are essential tools for driving innovation, streamlining operations, and unlocking new opportunities for growth. A Large Language Model, or LLM, is an advanced AI model designed to perform Natural Language Processing (NLP) … Continue reading

Generative AI for Taxonomy Creation

There is a growing awareness and appreciation for taxonomies as information and knowledge management tools. Taxonomies – structured sets of terms tagged to content – support search, information discovery, browse navigation, news alerts and feeds, content recommendation and personalization, content … Continue reading

AI-Augmented Content Analysis to Remediate Duplicate Content

A global energy company with operations in over 60 countries began actively working to reduce their carbon emissions to achieve Net Zero by 2050. Enterprise Knowledge (EK) evaluated and refined their strategic roadmaps, which yielded a plethora of new initiatives that built on their existing efforts. Continue reading

Webinar: Semantic Layer Real Stories and Case Studies

In this webinar, Enterprise Knowledge’s Lulit Tesfaye, Sara Nash, Bess Schrader, and Krista Davis discuss the semantic layer real stories and case studies. Discover firsthand experiences as they share insightful stories and elaborate on projects that incorporate semantic layer components, … Continue reading