Knowledge Base

Achieving a Gold Standard Taxonomy

One of the first steps of a taxonomy design effort is to gather any previous taxonomies that may exist within the business, as well as sample content, search logs, and pre-existing information about these taxonomies’ content or systems. At EK, … Continue reading »

Knowledge Graphs for Data Governance

The explosion of data and data scientists is making data governance more important, and more difficult. Most large organizations have thousands of data files and a wide range of users working with those files. The size and complexity of these … Continue reading »

Pattern Discovery through Facets

As explored in my previous blog post How Faceted Navigation Works, facets allow you to quickly and efficiently sort through your content to find the information or data that you need. Facets largely mirror taxonomic structures, and business taxonomies are … Continue reading »

Graph Search at the Super Bowl

If you are like me, and not a Patriots fan, the best part of the Super Bowl was the commercials. One commercial, in particular, caught my eye. Do you remember the Google Job Search for Veterans commercial (see the youtube … Continue reading »