Knowledge Base

Enterprise AI Trends in 2020

Enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI) entails leveraging machine capabilities to discover and deliver organizational knowledge and information in a way that closely aligns with how users look for and process information. The number of Enterprise AI applications is rapidly growing. Previously, … Continue reading »

Natural Language Search on Big Data

The Solution By extracting key entities or metadata fields, such as topic, place, person, customer, plant, etc. from their sample files and data sets, Enterprise Knowledge (EK) developed an ontology to describe the key questions business users were interested in … Continue reading »

Keys to Successful Ontology Design

Ontologies can capture highly complex ideas and business logic, provide more intuitive ways to structure information, and can ultimately power new use cases, such as semantic search, recommendation engines, and AI. While many organizations aim to leverage an ontology, they … Continue reading »

Project and Expert Finder

The Challenge A federally funded engineering research center has an extensive “project library” where technical documents, certifications, and reports related to various engineering projects are stored. Many of these documents are often scanned versions of handwritten notes or files and, … Continue reading »