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Common Issues In Auto-Tagging Thesauri

Thesauri are powerful knowledge organization systems that allow knowledge engineers to describe the world by expanding hierarchical taxonomies to create rich relationships between concepts. Thesauri offer many benefits for both indexers and information seekers who wish to find and discover … Continue reading »

Taxonomy Governance Best Practices

When a taxonomy design is done well, it goes unnoticed, as it enables a seamless connection between the end user and the content. However, as business needs evolve, it’s inevitable that a taxonomy design must also evolve in order to … Continue reading »

Business Agility Starter Kit

Lead your organization through the next disruptive change in your industry. EK’s business agility starter kit will kickstart your organization to being agile at the enterprise level. Whether business agility means a more collaborative workforce, faster organizational learning, or resilience … Continue reading »

What is an Ontology and Why Do I Want One?

Ontologies and semantic technologies are becoming popular again. They were a hot topic in the early 2000s, but the tools needed to implement these concepts were not yet sufficiently mature. Ontology and semantic technologies have now matured to the point … Continue reading »