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Agile Content Strategy

Rebecca Wyatt delivered this presentation at a Web Content Mavens Meetup on June 12, 2017. The topic for the Web Content Mavens event was Applied Agile & Design Thinking for Web Projects. Presentation Overview If you create web content these pain points … Continue reading »

Faceting is Sweet

In my nearly twenty years of taxonomy design consulting, one of the greatest challenges has been explaining the value of taxonomy to non-taxonomists. This is a particular passion of mine, and one in which Enterprise Knowledge has invested a great … Continue reading »

Knowledge Organization Systems Defined

Here at Enterprise Knowledge (EK), we design systems which allow your employees and your customers to actually find the information they’re searching for. Do your employees need to find the subject matter expert in your organization who has the perfect … Continue reading »

Design Thinking and Taxonomy Design

In my experience I’ve found that any successful taxonomy design effort stems from a strong understanding of the end users’ needs – hardly a small task. One way that I’ve worked to address this challenge is by incorporating Design Thinking … Continue reading »

Agile Content Teams Part 2: Roles

Agile practices can empower your content teams and maximize the value of their time. In part 1 of this two-part blog series, we discussed content team implementation of agile ceremonies. Now, in part 2, we follow up with a discussion … Continue reading »