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Pattern Discovery through Facets

As explored in my previous blog post How Faceted Navigation Works, facets allow you to quickly and efficiently sort through your content to find the information or data that you need. Facets largely mirror taxonomic structures, and business taxonomies are … Continue reading »

Graph Search at the Super Bowl

If you are like me, and not a Patriots fan, the best part of the Super Bowl was the commercials. One commercial, in particular, caught my eye. Do you remember the Google Job Search for Veterans commercial (see the youtube … Continue reading »

What’s in a Name? Not Your Org Chart.

An unfortunately common practice in organizations is to use an organization chart as a basis for tagging content in repositories: files, folders, and taxonomies mirror the names of the units, divisions, and teams that created them. However, organizations change. Businesses … Continue reading »

Knowledge Graphs for Search and Discovery

For many projects at Enterprise Knowledge, making information more findable and discoverable is a common ask. Clients often ask questions like: Does my organization have any documents that detail the role of product owners on search projects? Have we previously … Continue reading »

The Magical Art of Tidying Up Content

If you have Netflix, you’ve probably seen Tidying Up pop up on your feed. It’s a new series based on Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which presents her methodology for clearing your clutter, getting organized, and … Continue reading »

Bringing KM, Search, and AI Together

Clients come to EK looking to empower their people, make operations more efficient, and create a competitive advantage against their peers through improved Knowledge Management (KM). They want to take advantage of cutting-edge technologies like knowledge graphs, artificial intelligence (AI), … Continue reading »