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What is a Headless CMS?

Traditional content management systems (CMS) offer a full “one-stop-shop” for your organization’s content management needs. They allow you to author, manage, and deliver content to your end users all from a single solution. This approach is often called “monolithic,” as … Continue reading »

Knowledge Management Trends in 2021

The last year has been a big one for Knowledge Management. Technology is advancing rapidly, introducing capabilities around knowledge graphs, ontologies, and enterprise artificial intelligence that seemed like distant possibilities just a few years ago. The pandemic, meanwhile, forced every … Continue reading »

High Value Moments of Content Capture

At EK, we often hear varying versions of a similar business challenge from our clients. Consider the following situation. Let’s say I’m a proposal writer for my company, and due to the fast paced nature of my industry, I typically … Continue reading »

Taxonomy Implementation Best Practices

Have you ever found yourself wondering how to implement a taxonomy you’ve just designed or updated? You might have asked yourself, “How do I make this taxonomy work in SharePoint? In Salesforce? Oracle Knowledge Advanced?” You are not alone. Many … Continue reading »