Knowledge Portals: A 2023 Trend

Join Enterprise Knowledge, Squirro, and Semantic Web Company on Mar 14th, 2023, at 11am ET / 16h CET for this 1-hour virtual event. Reserve your spot Register Here As companies keep struggling to make the most of their constantly growing … Continue reading

Knowledge Management Trends in 2023

As CEO of the world’s largest Knowledge Management consulting company, I am fortunate to possess a unique view of KM trends. For each of the last several years, I’ve written an annual list of these KM trends, and looking back, … Continue reading

Breaking it Down: What is Personalization?

I consistently hear “personalized” used to describe technical features, and it is not always clear what the term means. The term “personalized” often leads us to ask, How is the feature personalized, i.e. what factors lead to the outcome? At … Continue reading

Data Catalog Evaluation Criteria

Data Catalogs have risen in adoption and popularity in the past several years, and it’s no coincidence as to why. The amount of data, and therefore metadata, is exploding at a rapid pace and will certainly not slow down anytime … Continue reading

EK’s Year in Review – 2022

As the year comes to a close, I’m happy to have an opportunity to reflect on 2022 and review the many successes and milestones of the year. The year was another of sustained growth for us, as we continued to … Continue reading