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With dynamic content you can write once, manage in one place, and leverage that content everywhere you need it; customize, assemble, and deliver to the right people in the manner they want to receive it.

EK’s Dynamic Content Solution considers the entire lifecycle of an organization’s content. Our approach starts with understanding both user and business needs. We identify the opportunities for user experience improvement and ensure your content is in the right place and the right state to meet customer and user needs. Oftentimes this means deconstructing content into more granular and flexible components which are mapped to a meaningful content model. From there, we help organizations implement the right architecture, business logic, and overall content operations to deliver content flexibly and reuse content items throughout the enterprise.

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The Problems It Solves

With the sheer volume of content created today, a one size fits all approach isn’t going to cut it. Today’s employees need actionable content that is the right fit for their needs, not an assortment of questionable links that may or may not hold the most recent information. Today’s customers have come to expect an experience that is tailored to their individual preferences. Today’s learners want content that is customized to their skill level, job function, or the amount of time they have to spare. EK’s solution will solve your organization’s content reliability and delivery issues, dialing up the quality, consistency, and findability of your organization’s most important information assets including product and support content. Whether it’s internal training content or external marketing content, through automation and intelligent content reuse, our solution removes the risk of human error and allows your content teams to focus on creation and stewardship of high value content rather than monotonous and duplicative maintenance work.

This is more than just increased productivity and elimination of redundancy. With a Dynamic Content Solution, your organization’s content governance and controls will take a major leap forward, eliminating the risk of old or incorrect content being used. In highly regulated sectors, such as finance, healthcare, or government, this will mitigate the content security and regulatory risks that pervade the industry.

Business Outcomes

With our Dynamic Content Solution, organizations will experience productivity and quality gains at every stage of the content lifecycle, from creation, through management, to enhancement, delivery, and reuse. Dynamic Content will enable your organization to eliminate massive duplication of content and effort across groups, systems, and delivery channels.

EK’s Dynamic Content Solution will improve the speed, quality, and consistency of your organization’s critical content while reducing the burdens and risks associated with security and compliance. This translates directly to time and cost savings and helps to eliminate potentially massive monetary costs associated with fines and litigation, as well as preserving your brand trust and reputation On top of that, Dynamic Content opens the door to being able to use your content as data, leverage a content graph, and unlock key business insights to drive revenue and customer satisfaction.

Finally, through a Dynamic Content Solution, your organization’s content will be better structured and more granular, preparing it for use in AI solutions and LLMS with greater context and machine readability. This means Content Assembly will be a key foundational element for your organization’s Enterprise AI efforts, preparing you for the future and beyond.

graphic showing various workspaces with cubes representing APIs, data, operations, reports, screens, and videos, showing how dynamic content solutions are integrated at Enterprise Knowledge

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