EK’s Heather Hedden and Jane Mosczynski to Present on Taxonomies and the Semantic Layer at the Annual SLA Conference

EK’s Heather Hedden, Senior Consultant, and Jane Mosczynski, Content Engineering Consultant, will be presenting at the annual Special Libraries Association (SLA) Annual Conference to be held July 14-16, 2024, at the conference facility of the University of Rhode Island in Kingston, RI. The event attracts information professionals in industry, government, and academic specialty libraries from multiple countries. 

Hedden and Mosczynski will be jointly presenting “A Semantic Layer Approach to Enterprise Knowledge Management and Information Findability” during the poster session on July 14. A semantic layer is a standardized framework that organizes and abstracts organizational content and data and serves as a connector for data and knowledge. Their poster will illustrate what a semantic layer is, what its components are, and how it is positioned in the architecture of data/content and applications. 

Additionally, Hedden will deliver a one-hour presentation on July 16, “Building Taxonomies from the Bottom Up and Top Down: Technologies and Collaboration.” This presentation will take a fresh look at designing and creating taxonomies, considering the latest methods recommended by taxonomy consultants. 

Finally, Hedden will also be a panelist in the session “Taxonomy Roundtable Discussion: The Role of Collaboration in Taxonomy Development and Maintenance” on July 14. A panel of taxonomists will discuss the many ways in which collaboration is an essential part of their work in taxonomy development and maintenance, diving into use cases along with their successes, challenges, and best practices. 

See the full program here and register today. Single-day registration is an option.