EK’s Taylor Paschal to Speak at APQC’s 2023 Conference

Taylor Paschal, a Knowledge & Information Management Consultant at Enterprise Knowledge, is presenting at APQC’s 2023 Conference & In-Person Training in Houston, TX, which offers a variety of programs exploring best practices in people, process, and knowledge management, on Wednesday, April 19th from 11-11:50am.

She will be co-presenting “Building for the Knowledge Management Archetypes at Your Company” alongside Jessica Malloy, Senior Knowledge Manager for Harvard Business Publishing. Join them as they define common types of personalities that are often present when building a KM program, supporting attendees in thinking through the root causes of various behaviors and the approaches for taking these into account when driving KM forward. Participants will learn how to:

  • Describe the importance of focusing on the unique culture of an organization when building and iterating on a KM program
  • Recognize organizational archetypes and know how to adapt their KM program to them
  • Conduct a cultural assessment of their own organization to ensure their KM program is meeting them where they are

Register to attend the conference here! For more information about Taylor and Jessica’s talk, check out the APQC Conference website.