Fernando Aguilar Islas and Emily Crockett to Present Webinar on Content Graphs for Personalization

Fernando Aguilar Islas, Data Science Consultant, and Emily Crockett, Content Engineering Consultant, are teaming up with the Content Wrangler, Scott Abel, to present a webinar on March 19th, 2024 from 1-2pm discussing Ontologies, Structured Content, and Knowledge Graphs. Learn how knowledge graphs of componentized content improve personalization, findability, and content reuse. Webinar participants will learn how componentized content, in tandem with knowledge graphs and LLMs, will improve content performance. They will dive into a real-world case study showcasing the practical applications of these technologies. Find more details here and register now to make sure you don’t miss this exciting presentation!

Leveraging ontologies, structured content, and knowledge graphs to provide exceptional experiences


This event is brought to you by The Content Wrangler and is sponsored by Heretto, a powerful component content management system (CCMS) platform to deploy help and API documentation in a single portal designed to delight your customers.