Hilger’s Latest Article in Big Data Quarterly — The Power of Enterprise-Ready Graph Databases

EK continues to lead the conversation about graph technology with COO Joe Hilger’s most recent article in Big Data Quarterly, “The Power of Enterprise-Ready Graph Databases.” Graph databases are powerful new tools for managing and analyzing heterogenous data across enterprises. While they are maturing quickly, many organizations are only beginning to understand the specific use cases that necessitate graph databases. The article explores the current state of graph databases and where they are headed in the coming year. Hilger addresses where graphs are being used, how to get started with graph databases, and what’s next in graph database technology. The article concludes with a discussion of the natural language processing and integration with relational databases (virtual graphs) that will continue to expand the capabilities of graph databases.

If you are interested in learning more about how graph databases can help organize your enterprise’s data and information, read the full article here or contact us.