Ivanov and White Speaking at a Joint Webinar Series on Semantic Data Fabric

Enterprise Knowledge’s Senior Consultants, Yanko Ivanov and Ben White, will be speaking at a series of joint webinars hosted by Semantic Web Company titled: “The Road to AI Requires Semantic Data Fabric.” The webinar series focuses on the value and need for a semantic layer to power smarter, more relevant, and more contextualized Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. As part of building a semantic data fabric, White discusses the approach and methodology for developing a unified, relevant, and intuitive business glossary necessary for ensuring a common language. Ivanov then furthers the discussion by revealing the role standardized semantic taxonomies and ontologies play in laying the groundwork for introducing achievable and realistic AI solutions to organizations. The webinar series concludes with a complete demo application of the concepts discussed during the webinar. Join the webinar series here.

The webinar series is co-hosted along with Semantic Web Company’s Director of Vertical Solutions, Florian Bauer, and Data.World’s Chief Technology Officer, Bryon Jacob.