Breaking it down: What is a Knowledge Portal?

Throughout my career, I have worked with dozens of public and private organizations who want a holistic understanding of their knowledge assets. Organizations seek new ways to manage, find, and take action on their knowledge, whether through a content management … Continue reading

Breaking it Down: What is Gamification?

When I talk about gamification, I often use these three E’s: exciting, engaging, and encouraging. These three concepts explain how gamification, the art of applying game design principles to non-game situations, can support a healthy work environment, improve employee satisfaction, … Continue reading

Breaking it Down: What is Personalization?

I consistently hear “personalized” used to describe technical features, and it is not always clear what the term means. The term “personalized” often leads us to ask, How is the feature personalized, i.e. what factors lead to the outcome? At … Continue reading

Breaking it down: What is a Taxonomy?

A few years ago, I did an activity at a leadership retreat where each person slowly whittled down a list of words to a single word that most represented them. The word that I ended up with was “simplicity,” and … Continue reading