Webinar Series: Unlocking Business Value with a Semantic Layer

Enterprise Knowledge (EK) is proud to announce a new series of webinars designed to explore the Semantic Layer’s pivotal role in modern data management and artificial intelligence. This four-part series is tailored to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Semantic Layer, from basic concepts to its application in AI.


Webinar 1: Defining the Semantic Layer

Date: February 20th at 1PM – Webinar Link

This webinar delves into the technical intricacies and practical applications of semantic technologies, including metadata management, taxonomy, ontology development, and the creation of knowledge graphs. Learn how these components work in a synergistic fashion to provide a cohesive framework that enhances data interoperability, facilitates advanced analytics, and supports AI-driven applications.


Webinar 2: Semantic Layer Real Stories and Case Studies

Date: March 28th at 3PM – Webinar Link

The second installment will showcase real-world stories and case studies, highlighting the transformative impact of the Semantic Layer in various industries. From connecting diverse organizational languages to streamlining enterprise search systems, our panelists unveil how semantic layers bridge terminological gaps, enabling cohesive communication across various departments. Learn about the crucial role of taxonomies in enhancing document discovery and how ontologies serve as a metadata translation layer, fostering seamless integration among disparate applications.


Webinar 3: Industry Panel: Different Applications of a Semantic Layer

Date: April 22th at 3PM – Webinar Link

Our third webinar is an industry panel featuring Malcolm Hawker, Polly Alexander, Mohammed Aaser, and Jeff Jonas as they discuss the role of Semantic Layers, what they are, and what value they offer organizations in the quickly changing world being shaped by the AI Revolution. This session will cover the architecture, components, and the nuts and bolts of implementing and managing a Semantic Layer within an organization.

Webinar 4: Semantic Layer Technical Deep Dive

Date: April 25th at 3PM – Webinar Link

In this webinar, Enterprise Knowledge’s Sara Mae O’Brien-Scott moderates a conversation with Chris Marino, Urmi Majumder, and Heather Hedden as they take a deep dive in the the technical aspects of a Semantic Layer. The panelists explore the components that enable semantic capabilities, such as metadata managers, taxonomy managers, business glossary managers, data catalogs, ontology managers, and knowledge graphs. They emphasize how these components interconnect organizational knowledge and data assets, enhancing systems like recommendation engines and semantic search.



Join Us for a Journey into the Future of Data Management

In addition to this series, EK will produce blog, podcasts, and other thought leadership pieces on the Semantic Layer. This webinar series is a must-attend for anyone interested in the future of data management, AI, and business intelligence. Whether you are a business leader, a data professional, or simply someone keen to understand the latest trends in technology, these webinars will provide valuable insights and knowledge.