Scaling Knowledge Graph Architectures with AI

Sara Nash and Urmi Majumder, Principal Consultants at Enterprise Knowledge, presented “Scaling Knowledge Graph Architectures with AI” on November 9th, 2023 at KM World in Washington D.C. In this presentation, Sara and Urmi defined a Knowledge Graph architecture and reviewed how AI can support the creation and growth of Knowledge Graphs. Drawing from their experience in designing enterprise Knowledge Graphs based on knowledge embedded in unstructured content, Sara and Urmi defined approaches for entity and relationship extraction depending on Enterprise AI maturity and highlighted other key considerations to incorporate AI capabilities into the development of a Knowledge Graph. Check out the presentation below to learn how to: 

  • Assess entity and relationship extraction readiness according to EK’s Extraction Maturity Spectrum and Relationship Extraction Maturity Spectrum.
  • Utilize knowledge extraction from content to translate important insights into organizational data.
  • Extract knowledge with three approaches:
    • RedEx Rule
    • Auto-Classification Rule
    • Custom ML Model
  • Examine key factors such as how to leverage SMEs, iterate AI processes, define use cases, and invest in establishing robust AI models.
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