CMS Solution Architecture and Implementation

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Your organization likely manages various types of content across different platforms, including marketing web content, internal process documentation, training materials, and digital assets. Effective CMS architecture goes beyond a single system, considering how users navigate between platforms, as well as how content is managed across them.

Enterprise content challenges

There are many different types of purpose-driven content across an organization. Developing the right CMS solution architecture requires support for the interoperability between these platforms.

Example Content TypeExample Content OwnerExample CMS Type
Product InformationProduct Development TeamsProduct Information
Management (PIM)
Go-to-market contentContent Marketing and
Marketing Operations
Content Marketing
Platform (CMP)
Sales collateralSales Enablement TeamsSales Enablement Portal
Help documentationCustomer Support teamsCustomer Support Portal
Learning assetsLearning and DevelopmentLearning Management System (LMS)

Specific challenges and considerations include:

Diverse content types
Managing various content types across multiple platforms can be complex, requiring different approaches and complicating content management processes.

Multiple CMS
With multiple types of content management systems to choose from, businesses face the challenge of selecting and integrating the right one for each specific purpose. This can result in fragmentation and inefficiencies in content management workflows.

Integration and interoperability
As content volume grows and business needs evolve, it is necessary to scale content management systems to manage changes effectively.

Content governance and compliance
Ensuring consistency, accuracy, and compliance across various platforms while adhering to regulatory requirements and internal policies is a significant challenge.

EK’s architecture and implementation solutions

Our consultants assess your current systems, identify desired content experiences, and provide a comprehensive system architecture, product roadmap, and implementation.

CMS ecosystem analysis and architecture

Our consultants assess your current technical systems, identify desired content experiences, and deliver a comprehensive system architecture, product roadmap, and implementation budget.


By leveraging machine learning and natural language processing algorithms, we can implement auto-classification systems that automatically categorize and tag content based on its semantic meaning, making it easier to organize and retrieve relevant content efficiently.

Enterprise CMS tool selection and solution implementation

Our consultants and software engineers collaborate with you to discover, document, and prioritize functional and non-functional requirements.

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Enterprise Knowledge provides knowledge and content management consulting to some of the most innovative companies in the world. We’ll help you create the environment you need to provide both your customers and your employees with the consistent and accurate information they need to be successful. We apply content design and engineering best practices to deliver consistent content across internal and external channels, enabling employee performance and customer satisfaction.

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Analyze and understand the current state of your content, technology, and processes and craft a strategy to improve outcomes. 

Build modular, flexible, and reusable content to enable personalization, omnichannel delivery, and highly adaptive experiences.

Align your content with business goals and user needs, assess and improve your content management ecosystem, and develop governance plans.

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