Competency and Skills Mapping

Manage learning content through metadata which indicates the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for workforce success.

Coaching and Mentoring

Design and implementation of executive coaching and peer to peer mentoring  programs.

Strategic Planning & Consultative Services

Make data-driven decisions to design your L&D organization and learning strategy.

We firmly believe that people are at the heart of any successful learning program. This means consideration of an organization’s learners, an understanding of their goals and how they want to learn, and a clear mapping of what they want and need to learn. It also means an understanding of the learning professionals and resources within the organization. Our Organizational Planning services bring these things together to ensure your organization is applying resources most effectively to meet your prioritized goals.

Competency and Skills Mapping

A truly mature learning organization will possess a comprehensive understanding of the competencies and skills necessary for workplace performance. This allows an organization to identify gaps in their learning content and strategy and ensure learning resources are being applied where they’ll deliver the greatest impact for the organization. Our competency and skills mapping services include:

  • Competency and Skills Analysis – Design and documentation based on personas, facilitated task analysis, documentation review, and other techniques to build an enterprise view.
  • Matrixed Competency Mapping – Documentation of target levels of proficiency for each competency and/or skill by learner persona and position requirements.
  • Instructional Taxonomy Implementation – Implementation of competencies and skills as an instructional taxonomy in relevant learning technologies and/or taxonomy management systems.

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring round out successful learning programs. Team EK offers ICF-certified coaches and uses assessments such as Gallup’s CliftonStrengths and DISC. Our team specializes in federal leadership competencies and delivers coaching services which complement leadership development programs at all levels. 

  • Coaching Services – Regular and ad-hoc coaching as a part of a comprehensive leadership development program or to improve business agility and agile delivery.
  • Coaching and Mentoring Program Management – Design, oversight, and evaluation of programs, including software selection or applications to support participant matching.
  • Learning Program Evaluation – Rigorous evaluation of coaching and mentoring programs to validate the attainment of individual and organizational goals and inform continuous program improvement.

Strategic Planning & Consultative Services

Team EK’s skilled facilitators and consultants conduct strategic planning and orchestrate organizational development interventions in support of collective awareness, insight, and a vision for change. We offer organizational assessments, data analysis, and facilitated discussions with stakeholder groups to build consensus, engagement, and momentum for new learning programs and educational transformations.

  • Learning Organization Assessment – Whether through the analysis of existing data such as the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) or through our own facilitated data collection, Team EK determines the current state of employee views and perceptions, degree of engagement, and areas of concern so that learning program interventions and mitigations can be targeted on areas of greatest need.
  • Strategic Planning – Gathering stakeholder and learner input, collecting and analyzing learner data, and facilitating discussions to reach a collective view of the path forward for a learning program or learning organization.
  • Change Management – Making the case for change, surfacing and overcoming resistance, and developing strategies to gain buy-in for new learning programs, learning technologies, organizational restructuring, and other significant transformations.

Core Capabilities

  • Competency Development 
  • Organization Design
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Leadership Development
  • Conference Management and Facilitation


  • Organizational Managers 
  • Training Managers
  • Conference Manager and Facilitator


  • Organizational Competencies
  • Workforce Plans
  • Facilitator Plans and Guides
  • Conference Plans

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