Research and Knowledge Services

Delivering reliable information to your fingertips. 

Integrated Library and Information Systems and Services

Serving secure knowledge and increased access to information. 

Library Administration and Management

Implementing operational agility to meet evolving business needs. 

We help Library and Information Centers modernize and transform how they deliver knowledge to their users.

Research and Knowledge Services

Today’s organizations have the greatest need for reliable, well-researched, peer-reviewed and analyzed information. Our professionals embed within organizations to upskill, inform, and support the workforce with:

  • Research
  • Reference Support
  • Information Literacy Workshops

Specific ways EK consultants can support your research and knowledge management strategy:

Dynamic User Guides

EK Librarians and Information Professionals provide Web based User Guides and Research Reports so that clients to have the most reliable, up-to-date information at their fingertips.

Information Literacy Workshops

EK develops research and information literacy skills for:

  • Finding information in library databases
  • Search strategies
  • Bibliographic management
  • Evaluating information

Integrated Library and Information Systems Services

Today’s libraries and information centers require that digital assets flow securely through complex environments while ensuring the timely and efficient delivery to a diverse user base. Our Library and Information Professionals employ Agile Ops to effectively maintain systems and business processes.

  • Digital Asset Management
    • ILS Maintenance and Upgrades
    • Copyright Compliance
    • Acquisitions and Maintenance of Digital Collections and Services
    • Records Management
  • Library Circulation and Interlibrary Loan 
  • User Access 
  • Portal and Intranet Integration
  • Website Development and Maintenance

Specific ways EK consultants can support your Library IT strategy:

Digital Asset Management

EK Librarians and Information Professionals provide secure and centralized systems that allow users to securely manage and share their digital photos, videos, audio, and graphics with other users.

Library Business Process

EK adapts legacy interlibrary loan processes to address the evolving digital transformation changing the essence of library management.

Library Administration and Management

By leveraging expertise in Library Science, Knowledge Management, Business Agility Transformation, and Change Management, our teams of professionals can assist libraries and knowledge centers with modernization of their business operations: 

  • Administrative Services
  • Project Management
  • Community /Stakeholder Engagement 

Specific ways EK consultants can support optimal administration of your library:

Administrative Services

EK Library Administrative Services (LAS) supports library operations with business operations and operations of the library system.

Library Stakeholder Management

EK designs stakeholder classifications that address different groups needs as it relates to the resources, programs, and services they consume.

Adapting Library Services to Meet Enterprise Learning Objectives!

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