Sales Enablement

Provide your sales team with reliable, contextualized, and intuitively findable product information and collateral

Is your sales team searching for product information across multiple systems? Are customer response times slower because sellers struggle to find and customize go-to-market content? Is it difficult to ensure the product content and collateral you have found is accurate and reliable?

Enterprise Knowledge can help improve product content management, reducing time searching for content, enabling access to more reliable information, and improving sales conversion and win rates.

Enterprise Knowledge helps sales teams

Respond to customers faster
Being able to quickly find product information increases the speed with which sellers can respond to customer inquiries.

Optimize the customer experience
A robust content reuse strategy enables sellers to customize collateral for customer needs much more efficiently. 

Increase cross-selling and up-selling
Access to intelligently aggregated information and collateral about products, services, and solutions empowers sellers with context about the entire product portfolio, including relationships between products. This context improves your sales team’s opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell.

Improve sales conversion and win rates
Having reliable and personalizable content at your fingertips faster increases the likelihood of converting sales prospects into paying customers.

Why Enterprise Knowledge

Enterprise Knowledge provides knowledge and content management consulting to some of the most innovative companies in the world. We’ll help your sales enablement teams leverage well-structured content and a top-tier content reuse strategy to ensure product content is consistent in your internal sales enablement portals as well as your customer-facing channels.

Featured EK services

To increase sales outcomes, apply content and knowledge management best practices to your sales content.

Understand the current state of your GTM content and craft a strategy to improve seller outcomes.

Structure your sales content to enable more efficient findability and customization of product information and collateral.

Ensure your product information is always up to date with a “write once, publish to many” approach that automates the process of updating product content.

Provide a highly contextualized “Single View of Truth” that not only improves the speed to find sales content, but also provides context between products, services, and solutions, improving cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.