The Journey of Data: From Raw Numbers to Actionable Insights with LLMs

Wondering how to take your data from its raw, decontextualized state and actually leverage it to produce actionable insights through the power of a Large Language Model (LLM)? The infographic below provides a visual overview of the 10 steps to achieving this, split into two phases – Preparation and Action.

This infographic is a visual introduction to how your organization can take the next step in preparing for and acting on LLMs. EK has experience in designing and implementing solutions that optimize the way you use your knowledge, data, and information, especially in the Enterprise AI space, and can produce actionable and personalized recommendations for you. If this is something you’d like to speak with the AI experts at EK about, contact us today.

Ian Thompson Ian Thompson Ian Thompson is a Data Engineer with 4+ years of experience in data management, analysis, visualization and graph solutions development using Python, SQL, R, and Tableau. Specializing in relational and graph database management, system integrations, ETL, and problem solving. More from Ian Thompson »