Wahl Speaking on Enterprise 360 Panel

Zach Wahl, CEO of Enterprise Knowledge will be participating in a panel discussion regarding Enterprise 360 and how knowledge graphs enable complete visibility of information across the enterprise. Wahl will apply his expertise in Knowledge Management and Enterprise Learning to share real world use cases for how organizations are approaching their digital transformation through knowledge graphs and 360-degree design and implementation approaches, specifically focused on Employee 360 views.

The webinar is being hosted by Semantic Web Company. Held on May 19th at 11am EST, the 1-hour webinar will include a presentation of Enterprise 360 by Andreas Blumauer, CEO Semantic Web Company, followed by a panel discussion with Wahl and Florian Bauer, CSO of Semantic Web Company.

With the help of graphs, information from all data silos can be linked together, and this can be done in an efficient and agile manner without having to drastically change existing systems and workflows. Knowledge graphs span an umbrella over all data and reduce the semantic gaps between all the languages and data models that HR (Employee 360), product managers (Product 360), sales teams (Customer 360) and marketing (Market 360) develop and use over time.

For more information and to register, follow the link. https://www.poolparty.biz/events/the-key-to-successful-digital-transformation 

Event Date

May 19, 2021

Event Location