Brawdy Speaks at Public Good App House Festival

On November 15, 2017, EK consultant Claire Brawdy helped facilitate a workshop as part of the inaugural Public Good App House Festival in downtown Washington, D.C. The workshop was titled “Tackle Challenging Collaborations with Design Thinking,” and focused on providing participants with concrete skills and tools to build empathy in order to create more meaningful, engaging collaborations.

“Collaboration is such an integral part of our success here at EK, and having the opportunity to show how we can and do leverage design thinking to effectively accomplish that aspect of our work was amazing,” Brawdy said.

“Claire’s volunteer facilitation for Public Good App House exemplifies a number of EK’s guiding principles. Leveraging her expertise in design thinking as well as her energy and passion for how technology can make the world a better place, she really exemplifies what makes EK so special,” added Zach Wahl, CEO.


About Enterprise Knowledge
Enterprise Knowledge (EK) is a services firm that integrates Knowledge Management, Information Management, Information Technology, and Agile Approaches to deliver comprehensive solutions. Our mission is to form true partnerships with our clients, listening and collaborating to create tailored, practical, and results-oriented solutions that enable them to thrive and adapt to changing needs.

About the Public Good App House Festival
The Public Good App House Festival was hosted by Caravan Studios, and sought to bring together experts in public good technologies to discuss community engagement and design, active projects, and impact and scale. This event brough together approximately 300 people working in and with public good efforts, and included a mix of panel discussions and workshops.