Consider the User: A Chatbot UX Guide

The growing presence of chatbots may have you wondering if it’s time to implement one at your own organization. While many organizations can benefit from the introduction of a chatbot, you’ll want to ensure that your bot is tailored to the unique needs of your users and is able to connect those needs to the services your organization offers in order to maximize usability and business value. The following infographic overviews four key elements that are integral to creating a user-oriented chatbot experience. As a follow-up to my recent blog that outlined four key elements integral to creating a user-oriented chatbot experience, this infographic summarizes that information in an easily shareable and digestible format.

Artificial Intelligence:  The programming behind AI chatbots is written in a way that not only tracks patterns in user queries, but also applies those patterns where applicable, allowing the chatbot to most aptly service users’ needs without consistent human intervention.  Conversational UI:  When supported by a variety of semantic solutions, chatbots allow users to interact with a computer interface on their own terms and in their own language, regardless of whether the chatbot’s communication process is triggered through Boolean operators or actual ‘human-like’ queries.  Personalized Brand Experience:  Your decisions here dictate how your chatbot will look, ‘speak,’ and behave, and these characteristics should mimic your brand, and be immediately recognizable to your users, strengthening the relationship between company and user. Consider your chatbot as a virtual ‘face’ or identity of your organization.  Define Your Purpose:  A strong purpose statement can serve as your ‘north star’ throughout the ideation phase and guide decision-making with respect to both chatbot design and development, so that your end product aligns with your initial goal. Ensure your chatbot’s purpose statement is aligned with that of your organization.

Look to the concepts featured above to guide the initial phases of your chatbot ideation process and to ensure its design is future-ready from the start. Whether you’re ready to begin chatbot implementation or are more curious about the benefits a chatbot can bring to your organization, contact us to join you on your chatbot journey, no matter where you are.

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