EK’s Ethan Hamilton and Heather Hedden to Speak at the Virtual PoolParty Summit 2024

Enterprise Knowledge will have speakers in two separate sessions of the free, virtual PoolParty Summit schedule for March 19 – 21. This is the third edition of the online event that explores how PoolParty users are harnessing the powers of Explainable AI and semantics.

EK’s Senior Consultant Heather Hedden will present “Challenges in Creating Taxonomies for Learning & Development” in a joint session with Walmart’s Senior Manager, KM & Capacity, Amber Simpson on March 19 at 12:00 noon EDT. Taxonomies can help provide a foundation to align skills to roles and to learning content. Simpson will discuss Walmart’s current effort to push learning content to associates, and Hedden will look at issues involved in developing a taxonomy of skills, considering the different taxonomy users, how skills can be linked to roles in a simple ontology, and the challenges in application front-end design.

EK’s Data Engineer Ethan Hamilton will be speaking on a panel of thought leaders, “A Roundtable Discussion: Using Knowledge Graphs to Bridge the Gaps in Generative AI,” on March 19 at 1:30 pm EDT. Despite their popularity, many worry about the risks Generative AI and LLMs pose: trustworthiness, ethics, missing information, suitability for workplace decisions, etc. This roundtable will seek to answer some of these questions and present another alternative: Explainable AI. Panelists will speak to the strengths of combining these generative technologies with knowledge graphs that can help explain the results and support the generation of high-quality data to train the models.

The event is free to anyone interested. Learn more and register for the Summit here.