EK’s Wahl and Hilger Speaking at PoolParty Summit 2021

Enterprise Knowledge (EK) CEO Zach Wahl and COO Joe Hilger will co-present at the upcoming PoolParty Summit 2021. The PoolParty Summit will be a fully virtual event this year, held November 3rd and 4th, 2021. This year, the PoolParty Summit will focus on the idea of Enterprise 360, uniting content and data to provide complete views of your organization’s people, processes, clients, products, and customers.

Wahl and Hilger will deliver a talk titled Employee 360 in Action. In the talk, they will discuss how EK has been using PoolParty to build knowledge graphs that improve the way organizations manage employees across the enterprise. This concept of Employee 360 has the potential to deliver holistic views of an employee. As part of the presentation, Zach and Joe will share stories and best practices around creating knowledge graphs that capture the full lifecycle of the employee journey from hiring through when they leave the organization. Attendees will learn how to integrate information from multiple sources into a single view that shares everything about an employee.

The event is free to anyone interested. Learn more and register for the Summit here