EK’s Yanko Ivanov to speak at OmnichannelX Podcast

EK’s Principal Solution Consultant, Yanko Ivanov, will be the guest speaker at the OmnichannelX Podcast. Yanko specializes in applying advanced content strategies related to content governance, design, and engineering. His extensive experience includes leveraging knowledge graphs and AI technologies to implement the advanced content delivery solutions and further scale their business application. 

Getting the right content to people when they need it is the driving factor behind employing advanced content strategies – enabling employees, customers, and business stakeholders alike to make efficient decisions using easily findable, personalized knowledge served through multiple delivery channels. Through a strategic approach, organizations can improve content quality and deliver actionable information that increases productivity and positive user experiences. 

During the podcast, Yanko Ivanov and Noz Urbina will discuss the following topics:

  1. How content models and ontologies can create unified information for organizations.
  2. How knowledge graphs and AI work with or without large language models (LLMs).

The outcome of this conversation will speak to how content strategies support an organization’s critical content in a way rooted in knowledge management best practices. 

If you’re interested in how you can optimize your content for KM success, tune in!

The Omnichannel Podcast provides you with insights and case studies from experts around the world in order to gain a deeper understanding of your audience and build better relationships with them. Please note that the upcoming episode will be divided into two parts, with part one being released May 4th and part two on May 17th. For more information and to tune in, visit: Omnichannelx podcast .