Knowledge Graph Accelerator

Knowledge graphs can make Enterprise AI a reality for your organization. The Knowledge Graph Accelerator offering with Enterprise Knowledge (EK) establishes a practical, standards-based roadmap and prototype to quickly realize the potential of your knowledge and data.

What Can Knowledge Graphs Do for You?

Download the Knowledge Graph Accelerator Brochure

A knowledge graph orchestrates data in a way that represents how humans think about information. Common use cases include:

  • Findablity and discovery – Understand the meaning and context behind searched terms as opposed to just executing queries
  • Knowledge and data management – integrate structured, semi-structured and unstructured information into your data model to surface knowledge
  • Data analytics – Connect your data with a more flexible model and find insights hidden in relationships.


EK’s Knowledge Graph Accelerator can help your organization: 

  • Better understand the foundations of knowledge graphs, including graph data model, data mapping, and data management
  • Design a first implementable version (FIV) knowledge graph leveraging the graph-based data management solution that can be scaled and enhanced
  • Identify a strategy for your organization to make Enterprise AI a reality

There are three sizes of Knowledge Graphs Accelerator engagements that are built to fit your organization’s budget and needs (see attached flyer for more). Interested in accelerating your knowledge graph? Contact us here.

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