Knowledge Graph Design Workshop

Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Siri are all powered by extensive knowledge graphs that allow the questions to be mapped across diverse sources, align with context, and meaning to provide quality answers to searches.

Approaching fragmented and disparate data requires a balance of discovery, facilitation, analysis, and usability design. Are you looking to get the right people involved? Do you know where to begin to organize and get insights from your content and data across the enterprise? 

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Our 2-day workshop will ensure your organization has the right foundation and roadmap to drive understanding and development of a starter semantic design that’s powered by ontologies and knowledge graphs. Our workshop is broken up into 4 key phases:

  • Align – Interactive design efforts will guide workshop participants through a succinct set of definitions, case studies, and value points to ensure all stakeholders are aligned on the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of knowledge graphs and semantic data models, and are baselined with clear expectations and best practices
  • Design – We will drive clear, practical, and tailored conversations that enrich and expand user development. User identification oriented exercises are used to identify user differentiators, outline guiding use cases, and define key user needs.
  • Model – The semantic design workshop methodology will engage workshop participants in a step-by-step process to understand end users, map, and prioritize content and data or metadata facets, their relationships, and properties, and identify your starting enterprise data model.
  • Plan + Roadmap – We will facilitate discussions regarding next steps to achieve a fully implementable semantic design. At the end of the workshop, EK consultants will develop a roadmap, rooted in the findings of the workshop, detailing next steps and practical recommendations.


  • A shared vision and alignment of enterprise data and knowledge graph and ontology models and related business value.
  • A starter knowledge and data model that follows ontology and knowledge graph best practices and lays the foundation for advanced AI capabilities.
  • An agile roadmap with a clear path forward around which to proceed, plan, and build an enterprise knowledge graph that represents your organization’s knowledge.

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