Knowledge Graph University

If you’re looking to build out competency with semantics and knowledge graphs in your team, EK’s Knowledge Graph University is a great place to start. This five-module intensive training is taught by our expert instructors who will coach your team in the various aspects of knowledge graphs, from the basic concepts and business applications through to the technical skills needed to create your own knowledge graph from scratch. We tailor the course to your audience and skillset needs, highlighting the information you need to successfully achieve your business goals. The EKGU five modules of training are offered at three levels (basic, intermediate, and advanced) customized to the following individuals:

  • Information Analysts – Foundational principles around taxonomies, ontologies, and semantics, and the common business applications of ontology based on real case studies. Provides approaches to support simple to complex semantic solutions by analyzing content and data sources to discover relationships, making connections across large datasets.
  • Taxonomists/Ontologists – Gain hands-on experience to design and implement complex ontology solutions that involve the integration of taxonomies, ontologies, and knowledge graphs. Hands-on modeling and practice labs offer practical experience with documenting ontology designs in a subset of industry leading semantic tools for ontology management.
  • Data/Knowledge Managers – Outcomes based and user-centric approach to ontology design and graph implementation, based on real world applications. Specific approaches to align technical requirements to organizational ROI.
  • Knowledge Graph Engineers/Implementers – Hands-on experience to lead and support the technical implementation of semantic solutions leveraging best-of-class, field-proven taxonomy/ontology management tools, and graph databases. Master key concepts around semantic inference, structured and unstructured data, auto-tagging, SPARQL, advanced validation with SHACL, implementation of Knowledge Graphs and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions.
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Topics Covered 

  • Ontology Basics 
  • Ontology Design 
  • Advanced Ontology Design and Data Modeling 
  • Ontology to Graph Implementation 
  • Advanced Knowledge Graph Implementation

Business Outcomes

  • Build Capacity – Empower your staff to lead, execute, and support strategic efforts with advanced data and knowledge engineering to solve enterprise AI needs and challenges.
  • Leverage Data and Information to Answer Business Questions – Help leaders at different levels within your organization answer strategic questions by training business and technical employees on how to use semantic technologies to make sense of multiple, disparate and diverse information. Make your organization’s data work for you to answer key business questions in real-time while leveraging skillful and proficient institutional knowledge and human capital.
  • Gain Competitive Advantage – Build the foundations for enterprise AI to create your Enterprise’s 360 views of your customers, employees, products and services through analytics dashboards and advanced search solutions to outperform your competitors in areas such as findability and discoverability, knowledge and data management, and customer and employee engagement.

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