Meetup: Web Content Mavens (June 2017)

EK’s own Rebecca Wyatt will be speaking about agile content development at a meetup held by Web Content Mavens. The topic of the event is Applied Agile & Design Thinking for Web Projects. 

Event Description
If you create web content these pain points probably sound familiar:
  • Tasks assigned to you in a flurry of “urgent” tasks with unrealistic timelines
  • The assumption that there is a “Photoshop button” which magically makes things pretty
  • Inadequate access to skilled content creators and subject matter experts
Agile content strategy can help you prioritize tasks, bite off only as much content work as you can realistically chew in a given time, and build the capacity of your team so they can accomplish more. Rebecca Wyatt will speak to these points and about her experience developing and upgrading content in an iterative, incremental way for the National Park Service.

You can register for the event on Eventbrite. Registrants before May 12 can take advantage of an early bird price of $10.

Monday, June 12, 2017 from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Event Date

June 12, 2017

Event Location

Viget Labs 105 West Broad Street, 4th Floor Falls Church, VA 22046

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