Semantic Layers from a Solutions Architect’s Point of View

In this Enterprise Knowledge video, Principal Consultant Urmi Majumder speaks about her technical experience with a Semantic Layer. Urmi shares her transition from conventional data management to the nuanced field of semantics, beginning her semantic career at EK. She delves into the intricacies of using large-scale content and IT extraction to power discovery through semantics, contrasting it with previous methods that relied on simple string matching.

Additionally, Urmi speaks to the skill gap concerns for professionals entering the field of semantic technology, offering reassurance about the learnability of relevant concepts and tools. She underscores the increasing adoption of semantic layers in data management platforms across industries and the critical role data architects play in leveraging this technology for data democratization.

For those contemplating the adoption of semantic technologies or seeking to deepen their understanding, this interview provides valuable guidance on starting small, leveraging in-house resources, and the importance of maintaining quality through human oversight in the era of AI. Watch now to discover the significance of semantic search in modern data analysis and how it mirrors the intuitive search experiences users have come to expect from decades of using Google, and explore how semantic layers can revolutionize data management practices and pave the way for a data-centric future.


Urmi Majumder Urmi Majumder is a Senior Software Engineer and Cloud Data Architect experienced in a range of languages and associated technologies. She leads development of technical solutions in support of a wide variety of clients, and she is focused on system design, implementation, and integration with both open source and COTS tools, as well as the connection between these tools and their business users. Urmi has more than 14 years of experience working with various software architectures including monolithic applications, micro-services, event-driven systems, and client-server applications. More recently, her focus has been on technical delivery using machine learning, knowledge graphs and miscellaneous data engineering capabilities in both AWS and Azure Cloud. More from Urmi Majumder »