Marketing Operations

Empower your brand: Transform content into a business asset

Marketing teams spend too much time and money recreating the sales collateral and go-to-market (GTM) content about products, services, and solutions. Product information features prominently in:

  • Technical product documentation for sellers
  • Sales collateral such as data sheets
  • Product descriptions on your customer-facing website

That overlapping product information is often created by separate teams in separate systems and to differing levels of quality and detail. Over time, information can become out of sync and content may not be consistent across all systems.

What if you could manage those product descriptions centrally and publish them to all of those various contexts, assured that the information is current, accurate, and consistent?

Enterprise Knowledge helps marketing teams

Decrease time and cost for GTM content management
When information about products inevitably changes, your marketing operations team will no longer be saddled with the maintenance burden of updating that same information in many different places. Update once and seamlessly publish to both internal and external channels.

Increase brand consistency
When you manage your core content in one place to consistent structures and standards, it’s guaranteed to be consistent.

Increase customer engagement through sustainable personalization
The “manage once, publish to many” framework enables you to wrap the core content about the products with the right context and publish it to the right channel to maximize engagement.

Improve experimentation
Structured content employs a variety of levers, including design, user experience, and copy, to enable more efficient experimentation, leading to an increased sales funnel.

Reduce risk
If information about your products is managed in copies upon copies of sales and go-to-market content, there’s an increased risk of presenting inaccurate information. For many organizations, presenting inaccurate product information carries substantial risk worth mitigating.

Why Enterprise Knowledge

Enterprise Knowledge provides knowledge and content management consulting to some of the most innovative companies in the world. We’ll help you create well-structured content to provide both your customers and your employees with the consistent and accurate information they need to be successful. We apply knowledge management best practices to deliver consistent content across internal and external channels, enabling employee performance and improving customer satisfaction.

Featured EK services

To manage go-to-market content and sales collateral at scale, marketing teams need:

Understand the current state of your GTM content and craft a strategy to improve seller outcomes.

 Implement automation and workflows to efficiently manage go-to-market content creation and approvals across diverse departments like product, legal, and creative.

Define the structure of your products, services, and solutions so they can be reused across multiple channels including sales enablement portals, marketing websites, mobile applications, and social media.

Optimize your enterprise content tech stack to enable multi-channel publishing, auto-classification, and dynamic assembly.