Taxonomy Roller Coasters: Techniques to Keep Stakeholders on the Ride

Laurie Gray, Principal Consultant on Enterprise Knowledge’s Strategy team, and EK client Kate Vilches, Knowledge Management Lead at Ulteig, presented on November 6, 2022 at the Taxonomy Boot Camp Conference, co-located with KMWorld, in Washington, D.C. The talk, “Taxonomy Roller Coasters: Techniques to Keep Stakeholders on the Ride,” focused on proven stakeholder management techniques during enterprise taxonomy development and launch activities. 

Gray and Vilches used their firsthand experience to relate advice, share practical tools, and provide real-life examples to ensure successful stakeholder involvement, reinforcing three key themes for attendees:

  • How to select partners and build coalitions to ensure long term success;
  • Overview of the steps, stages, challenges, and thrills of defining and implementing an enterprise taxonomy; and
  • The importance and finesse of effective change management efforts to ensure that stakeholders begin and remain excited and involved throughout the project.

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Laurie Gray Laurie Gray is a technically oriented, human-centered leader with a long track record of creating and implementing innovative, memorable, and successful digital experiences. She applies her expert skills to drive stronger business outcomes, cost savings, positive ROI, and improved user satisfaction, and is a proven leader in developing talent, leading teams, and conceiving and executing new business initiatives focused on experience improvement. She employs a hands-on approach, blending best practices and unique approaches to successfully launch systems and services for intended users. More from Laurie Gray »