Webinar: Knowledge Management Becomes Business Critical as Knowledge Graphs Improve Decision Making and Efficiency

Presented by Joe Hilger (COO of Enterprise Knowledge) and Atanas Kiryakov (CEO and Founder of Ontotext) on January 28th.  In this webinar Hilger and Kiryakov explain how Knowledge Graphs and Ontotext’s GraphDB product enable greater findability of knowledge and information for large enterprises.  The webinar includes:

  • An explanation of how Knowledge Graphs power better Knowledge Management;
  • An overview of Knowledge Graphs and the wide variety of solutions they offer;
  • An overview of GraphDB and the many features that enable enterprise Knowledge Graphs;
  • Our recommended methodology for implementing Knowledge Graphs successfully; and
  • Sample case studies where we implemented the solution.


Joe Hilger Joe Hilger A senior technologist with expertise in search, content management, and unstructured information. He focuses on creating solutions that have a meaningful impact for his clients. More from Joe Hilger »