Agile Knowledge Management

EK uses an agile approach in everything we do. In this presentation from the 2018 KMI Showcase, Joe Hilger shares how we apply agile across all of our KM projects. Learn how EK uses agile to develop a KM Strategy. Once the strategy is in place, Joe explains how we design agile roadmaps that include a number of smaller projects to ensure rapid ROI and organizational buy-in. Joe also talks about how we use Agile to deliver the technical and business KM solutions in the roadmap. Finally, Joe shares how Agile supports change management on every initiative we deliver. Agile and KM are a natural combination that leads to successful KM initiatives.

Joe Hilger Joe Hilger A senior technologist with expertise in search, content management, and unstructured information. He focuses on creating solutions that have a meaningful impact for his clients. More from Joe Hilger »