Announcement of New Website

The next time you visit us at, you’re likely to notice a few updates to our look. The new site reflects the first significant brand update in our history. It comes at a time where we’ve firmly established ourselves as the largest dedicated knowledge management consulting firm in the world. We host the number one podcast on KM, we maintain one of the largest free and unrestricted knowledge bases of KM thought leadership materials, and we’ve just published the definitive how-to manual on KM systems strategy, design, and implementation.

This refocusing of our brand demonstrates our stronger understanding of who we are and intend to be. The first thing you’re likely to notice when you arrive at the new site is that we’ve shifted our color palette away from the previous mix of green, blue, and purple to a more deliberate set of purples. This represents our greater focus on the leading edge of knowledge management and artificial intelligence, while still honoring our original choice of purple as that “magical” color that can express either warm or cold. In this case, representing our dual commitment of bringing both empowering energy and calming clarity to our clients. 

As a key component of these updates, we’ve improved the accessibility and readability of our content, not just via our new palette and fonts, but also through the machine readability and navigability of our site.

The new website itself is less focused on our standard services, as we know the vast majority of the industry is well aware of what we do. Instead, we’ve designed the homepage to funnel toward our knowledge base, where we host literally hundreds of open access thought leadership items, including blogs, white papers, podcast episodes, infographics, case studies, and slide presentations. We’ve also added a new slate of Solutions pages, to better express the work we’re doing today and the outcomes we’re delivering for our customers. These pages represent the integration of our capabilities to deliver enterprise-level transformational outcomes for our clients.

I also want to note that any picture you see of a person on our site is a real EK employee, not a stock photo. It is important to us that anyone visiting our site feels a connection to the actual team that makes us who we are. We are unique, diverse, and strong both as individuals and as the collective whole of EK. Our demographics show it, and so does our website.

I hope you continue to visit our site and enjoy the new look and feel. We will continue to publish new content on a regular basis as part of our ongoing commitment to the field of KM, so we hope to see you often.

–Zach Wahl, President and CEO