Climbing the Ontology Mountain to Achieve a Successful Knowledge Graph

Tatiana Baquero Cakici, Senior KM Consultant, and Jennifer Doughty, Senior Solution Consultant from Enterprise Knowledge’s Data and Information Management (DIME) Division presented at the Taxonomy Boot Camp (KMWorld 2022) on November 17, 2022. KMWorld is the world’s leading knowledge management event that takes place every year in Washington, DC.

Their presentation “Climbing the Ontology Mountain to Achieve a Successful Knowledge Graph” focused on how ontologies have gained momentum as a strong foundation for resolving business challenges through semantic search solutions, recommendation engines, and AI strategies. Cakici and Doughty explained that taxonomists are now faced with the challenge of gaining knowledge and experience in designing and documenting complex solutions that involve the integration of taxonomies, ontologies, and knowledge graphs. They also emphasized that taxonomists are well poised to learn how to design user-centric ontologies, analyze and map data from various systems, and understand the technological architecture of knowledge graph solutions. After describing the key roles and responsibilities needed for a team to successfully implement Knowledge Graph projects, Cakici and Doughty shared practical ontology design considerations and best practices based on their own experience. Lastly, Cakici and Doughty reviewed the most common use cases for knowledge graphs and presented real world applications through a case study that illustrated ontology design and the value of knowledge graphs.

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