Designing IA for AI: Information Architecture Conference 2024

On April 12, Chris Marino and Guillermo Galdamez presented “Designing IA for AI” at IAC24

With the explosive popularity of ChatGPT, organizations are throwing massive budgets and executive attention at the implementation of AI technologies. Making these solutions work for the enterprise can deliver competitive advantage and open up new solutions and business opportunities that were never before possible. However, without the right Information Architecture (IA) foundations, these projects are bound to fail. In this presentation, Marino and Galdamez provided practical, actionable steps around IA that organizations can take in preparation for future AI solutions. 

In this session, attendees:

  • Reviewed key elements of IA and discovered how their successful design and implementation can lay the foundations for AI;
  • Learned basic terminology surrounding AI, as well as different techniques and applications of AI in enterprise environments;
  • Gained a deeper understanding of the feedback loops between IA and AI and the corresponding implications on user experience; and
  • Received practical advice on IA design to facilitate its implementation and the success of AI efforts.
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