EK Sponsoring and Speaking at Ontotext Knowledge Graph Forum

Enterprise Knowledge (EK) experts will be presenting during the upcoming Knowledge Graph Forum, organized by leading graph software company Ontotext. The event will be held virtually on October 26th and 27th. Graphs let enterprises smarten up their proprietary information by linking it to global knowledge. In this way, enterprises remain competitive in dynamic environments.

On Wednesday the 27th, EK’s Holly Maykow, Senior Data Specialist, and Fernando Aguilar, Senior Data Scientist, will deliver a presentation titled Customer 360 and its Applications, a Case Study. This presentation will discuss a case study on how an identity graph represents a comprehensive view of a consumer, giving a global company a 360-degree view of their customers, attributes, and key business insights. Key topics of the talk will include how to define a customer identity graph as well as the requirements for building one. Common challenges and roadblocks to consider before and during identity graph implementation will also be explored.

Also on Wednesday, Joe Hilger, EK COO, will serve as a panelist on the closing presentation of the conference, Delivering and Scaling Knowledge Graph Solutions. Joe will be joined by Robert Engels, VP CTO Europe I&D at Capgemini, Carlos Alberto, Data Protection Officer at Fujitsu, and Vassil Momtchev, CTO of Ontotext. The panelists will cover topics including real world knowledge graph use cases, deployment patterns, and technology ecosystems for graph databases. The session will be moderated by Juan Sequeda of data.world as a special edition of the Catalog and Cocktails podcast.

The virtual conference will provide opportunities to connect with fellow professionals and entrepreneurs, learn from experts across two main tracks, and get an overview of the market and technology trends from industry leaders.

Learn more and register for the forum here.

Knowledge Graph Forum