Enterprise Knowledge Playing Central Role at KMWorld 2023

Enterprise Knowledge (EK) is once again playing a central role at the upcoming KMWorld Conference in Washington, DC. This year, EK is delivering eleven sessions throughout KMWorld and the associated events, including Taxonomy Boot Camp, Enterprise Search & Discovery, Enterprise AI World, and Text Analytics Forum. EK is offering an array of thought leadership sessions sharing approaches and methodologies. Notably, EK is also speaking with clients, delivering advanced case studies on knowledge graphs, enterprise learning solutions, and content assembly.  


  • ASML’s Taxonomy Adventure – Taxonomy Boot Camp – November 6th – Tatiana Baquero Cakici, EK Senior Consultant co-presenting with Daniel Canter, Learning & Knowledge Management, KM Program Manager, ASML and Dutch KM Network
  • Taxonomy Roller Coasters: Techniques to Keep Stakeholders on the Ride – Taxonomy Boot Camp – November 6th – Laurie Gray, EK Principal Consultant, co-presenting with Kate Vilches, Knowledge Management Lead, Ulteig
  • Taxonomy Showdown—Point/Counterpoint With Taxonomy Experts – Taxonomy Boot Camp – November 7th – Zach Wahl, EK CEO, and Tatiana Baquero Cakici, EK Senior Consultant
  • Nonprofit KM Journey to Success: Lessons & Learnings – KMWorld – November 7th – Sara Duane, EK Consultant
  • Enterprise KM & Learning – KMWorld – November 9th – Taylor Paschal, EK KM Consultant
  • Building KM Archetypes – KMWorld – November 9th – Taylor Paschal, EK KM Consultant
  • Enterprise AI: Using Knowledge Graphs & Data Fabric as a Pillar for AI – Enterprise AI World – November 9th – Lulit Tesfaye, EK VP & Partner, Knowledge & Data Services co-presenting with Jans Aasman, CEO, Franz Inc
  • KM & eLearning: Improving Learner Experience & Business Outcomes – KMWorld – November 9th – Deneena Lanius, EK Senior Consultant co-presenting with Melinda Geist, Digital Operations Manager, Sales and Marketing, Intel
  • Enterprise Cognitive Architectures: How LLMs Like ChatGPT Will Integrate With the Enterprise – Text Analytics Forum – November 9th – Ethan Hamilton, EK Analyst co-presenting with Joe Hilger, EK COO
  • Scaling Knowledge Graph Architectures With AI – Text Analytics Forum – November 9th – Sara Nash, EK Principal Consultant, co-presenting with Urmi Majumder, EK Principal Consultant
  • Road Maps for Future Enterprise Search & Discovery – Enterprise Search & Discovery – November 9th – EK COO Joe Hilger

To listen to what our speakers are discussing in during KMWorld 2023 and what you shouldn’t miss, check out this special episode of Knowledge Cast: KMWorld Speakers 2023.

EK is also hosting a booth at KMWorld and serving as a sponsor for the event. EK’s active presence continues a long-running tradition of thought leadership. EK’s book, ‘Making Knowledge Management Clickable’ published by Springer books, Knowledge Cast, the #1 rated KM podcast, and nearly 500 free and open items in EK’s knowledge base all supplement our active participation in the world’s leading KM conferences and events.

For more information on the event and to register, visit: https://secure.infotoday.com/RegForms/KMWorld/


About Enterprise Knowledge 

Enterprise Knowledge (EK) is a services firm that integrates Knowledge Management, Information and Data Management, Information Technology, and Agile Approaches to deliver comprehensive solutions. Our mission is to form true partnerships with our clients, listening and collaborating to create tailored, practical, and results-oriented solutions that enable them to thrive and adapt to changing needs. At the heart of these services, we always focus on working alongside our clients to understand their needs, ensuring we can provide practical and achievable solutions on an iterative, ongoing basis.