Enterprise Knowledge Sponsoring and Speaking at KMWorld 2019

Enterprise Knowledge (EK) will once again be speaking at KMWorld and the associated conferences this year. Seven of EK’s KM Experts will be sharing their experiences and guiding thought leadership discussions at the events, occurring the week of November 4th, at the JW Marriott in Washington, DC.

“One of EK’s guiding principles is to offer our thought leadership, supporting the KM community and helping to establish the standard for practical Knowledge Management strategies and solutions, and we’re happy to have that opportunity to demonstrate that at KMWorld again this year,” remarked Zach Wahl, CEO of EK.

EK has been recognized by KMWorld for the last five years as one of the 100 Companies that Matter in KM. One of the reasons for this recognition has been EK’s dedicated focus towards their commitment to thought leadership.

Jenni Doughty, Taxonomy Consultant, will present with Kelly Fisher, Product Manager at Travelers Insurance, about how Travelers iteratively aligned siloed taxonomies to create a broader enterprise view and initiated enterprise governance, backed by extensive training, to ensure the success and maintenance of the taxonomy moving forward. 

Anita Sagar, Senior Agile Consultant, and Guillermo Galdamez, Senior KM Consultant, will discuss how Enterprise Knowledge’s agile approach to KM yields the benefits of rapid implementation of KM solutions. Further, Sagar and Gladamez will teach attendees about the Cynefin Framework and how it can be used as a model to help individuals select the right project management approach for the current reality of their organization. 

Taxonomy and Ontology expert Ben White will speak to his extensive experience assisting organizations that struggle with ontology development. White will provide observations and insights on the most practical approaches that organizations can use to transform an existing taxonomy into an ontology. 

Zach Wahl, CEO of EK, and Tatiana Cakici, Senior KM Consultant, will host a Taxonomy 101 workshop during Taxonomy Boot Camp. The session will provide an introductory understanding for those relatively new to taxonomy design and implementation, as Wahl and Caciki will cover common approaches and methodologies for taxonomy design, implementation, and maintenance.

Joe Hilger, COO of EK, will speak twice during the conference,discussing the use of text analytics & knowledge graphs for natural language search as well as how knowledge graphs can create a connected search experience for organizations. 

In addition to EK’s speaking roles, the company is also serving as a sponsor for KMWorld for the sixth year in a row.


About KMWorld 2019

KMWorld 2019 looks at the impact of innovative technologies, techniques and tools in many different communities, including government, business, military, law, medical, non-profit and more. The theme of the 2019 conference, Knowledge Sharing in the Age of New Technologies, focuses on culture, people processes, and the many different types of technologies supporting organizations as they excel in their industries. See how organizations are embracing AI and other new technologies and innovative practices by enabling their talented workforce, experimenting, taking risks and learning from successes and failures.