Enterprise Knowledge to speak at International Web Conference OmnichannelX

Enterprise Knowledge (EK) is presenting three sessions at the upcoming OmnichannelX conference to be held virtually from June 13th to June 16th. OmnichannelX brings together the best and the brightest in the field so they can share their success stories, tell their tales of early failures, and explain the techniques they’ve used to make their omnichannel content orchestration and personalisation initiatives work.

John Collins, Senior Content Architect at Atlassian, and Yanko Ivanov, Enterprise Knowledge Senior Solution Architect, will co-present. Collins and Ivanov will explore how Atlassian is helping end-users and administrators prepare for changes by delivering timely, relevant, personalized multi-channel release notes enabled by componentized content and taxonomy.

Two of Enterprise Knowledge’s Software Engineers James Midkiff and Kate Erfle, will present a live demo of a software solution built by EK software engineers and showcase how it improves the accuracy and efficiency of content recommendations across multiple user interfaces inside a global development organization’s systems.

Britt Elmer, Director of the Content Strategy Program at TSYS, and Yanko Ivanov, Enterprise Knowledge Senior Solution Architect, will discuss the business case and drivers for the advanced content authoring and delivery framework solution at TSYS. Learn from the two content experts about how they leverage a unified taxonomy and auto-tagging, a componentized content model for content reuse, knowledge graphs, and additional content engineering best practices to deliver connected, discoverable, and personalized content to  internal and external clients.

Register for the conference here: Online event registration | Omnichannel Conference

June 13-16, 2022

Sessions will run 10am to 7pm Central European Time

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