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Creating a Connected Search Experience

This presentation, by Joe Hilger of Enterprise Knowledge, was originally presented at the annual Federal/DoD KM Symposium on May 14, 2019. In it, Joe offers enterprise search best practices and discusses enterprise knowledge graphs and ontologies.

Knowledge Graphs for Data Governance

The explosion of data and data scientists is making data governance more important, and more difficult. Most large organizations have thousands of data files and a wide range of users working with those files. The size and complexity of these … Continue reading »

Graph Search at the Super Bowl

If you are like me, and not a Patriots fan, the best part of the Super Bowl was the commercials. One commercial, in particular, caught my eye. Do you remember the Google Job Search for Veterans commercial (see the youtube … Continue reading »

Bringing KM, Search, and AI Together

Clients come to EK looking to empower their people, make operations more efficient, and create a competitive advantage against their peers through improved Knowledge Management (KM). They want to take advantage of cutting-edge technologies like knowledge graphs, artificial intelligence (AI), … Continue reading »

The Role of Search Product Owners

Successful enterprise search projects begin when the new search tool is launched. Search cannot remain static because an organization’s needs, as well as its content, change over time. Without a business leader, search initiatives are unable to adapt to these … Continue reading »

Agile Knowledge Management

EK uses an agile approach in everything we do. In this presentation from the 2018 KMI Showcase, Joe Hilger shares how we apply agile across all of our KM projects. Learn how EK uses agile to develop a KM Strategy. Once … Continue reading »