Knowledge Cast Product Spotlight – Sana Remekie of Conscia

Enterprise Knowledge COO Joe Hilger speaks with Sana Remekie, CEO and Co-founder of Conscia re-imagines the future of enterprise technology with a practical solution — a low/no-code Digital Experience Orchestration layer (DXO), designed to seamlessly knit together legacy and modern software components without the need for a re-platform or custom code to connect all the pieces.

In this episode, Joe and Sana talk about how Conscia technology simplifies the management and integration of data and content across multiple systems, making it easier for organizations to deliver multi-channel publishing and other advanced content distribution use cases.




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Joe Hilger Joe Hilger Joe is Enterprise Knowledge's COO. He has over 20 years experience leading and implementing cutting edge, enterprise-scale IT projects. He has worked with an array of commercial and public sector clients in a wide range of industries including financial services, healthcare, publishing, hotel and lodging, telecommunications, professional services, the federal government, non-profit, and higher education. Joe uses Agile development techniques to help his customers bridge the gap between business needs and technical implementation. He has a long track record of leading high-performance professional teams to deliver enterprise-level solutions that provide real value. His development teams have a strong record of client satisfaction, innovation and leadership. Joe is an expert in implementing enterprise-scale content, search, and data analytics solutions. He consults on these areas with organizations across the country and has spoken on a wide range of topics including enterprise search, enterprise content management, big data analytics, Agile development and content governance. More from Joe Hilger »