Knowledge Graph Design Workshop

Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Siri are all powered by extensive knowledge graphs that allow the questions to be mapped across diverse sources, align with context, and meaning to provide quality answers to searches. Approaching fragmented and disparate data requires a … Continue reading

Knowledge Graph University

If you’re looking to build out competency with semantics and knowledge graphs in your team, EK’s Knowledge Graph University is a great place to start. This five-module intensive training is taught by our expert instructors who will coach your team … Continue reading

Knowledge Graph Accelerator

Knowledge graphs can make Enterprise AI a reality for your organization. The Knowledge Graph Accelerator offering with Enterprise Knowledge (EK) establishes a practical, standards-based roadmap and prototype to quickly realize the potential of your knowledge and data. What Can Knowledge … Continue reading

Data Catalog Evaluation Criteria

Data Catalogs have risen in adoption and popularity in the past several years, and it’s no coincidence as to why. The amount of data, and therefore metadata, is exploding at a rapid pace and will certainly not slow down anytime … Continue reading

Knowledge Graph Use Cases are Priceless

At Knowledge Graph Forum 2022, Lulit Tesfaye, Partner and Division Director, and Sara Nash, Senior Consultant, presented on the importance of establishing valuable and actionable use cases for knowledge graph efforts. The talk was on September 29, 2022 in New … Continue reading