Knowledge Cast Product Spotlight – Michael Andrews of Kentico

In this episode of the Knowledge Cast, Joe Hilger speaks with Michael Andrews, Content Strategy Evangelist at Kentico. Kentico is a global software vendor with two award-winning products, Kontent and Xperience. Michael has been at Kentico since 2019 and focuses on advising global enterprises on how to innovate their content practices and operations, providing fresh thinking on how to address future digital publishing challenges.

Kontent is a recognized leader in headless CMS that empowers enterprise content teams to manage all of their content in a single repository, freeing developers to build an engaging digital experience by using the latest technologies of their choice.

Xperience is a fully integrated digital experience platform (DXP) combining a content management system (CMS) with digital commerce and digital marketing — including marketing automation and personalization — in a single comprehensive platform.



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