Knowledge Management Strategy Workshop

KM is about connecting people to the knowledge and information that enables them to make decisions, complete tasks, and take necessary actions at the time of need. Good knowledge management results in improved business processes and outcomes, enhanced employee collaboration, and increased Return on Investment (ROI). In the face of the great resignation, potential recession, and a changing state of work fueled by the pandemic, KM can be a key enabler to ensure continuity of business, knowledge, and collaboration.

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Leading organizations have made the strategic investments in all elements of KM necessary to transform their organization, but many others are only now realizing the value of, and critical need for, enterprise KM. Getting the necessary investment to move forward with a strategic KM initiative at an enterprise-level can take time to get budget approvals and require “proof” that there will be a return. This KM Strategy Workshop is an ideal option for those who want to bring key stakeholders together to build a case for KM when the senior leadership is not yet ready to make a full investment.

Topics Covered

  • KM and Business Challenges
  • KM Outcomes and Business Returns
  • Content and Data Strategy
  • Total Transformation Strategy, Planning, and Budgeting
  • Advanced KM Technology Options, Features, and Roadmapping

Workshop Outcomes

The KM Strategy Workshop will deliver a common understanding of the business value and anticipated outcomes of KM within the specific context of your organization. Through a series of interactive discussions and activities, participants will be facilitated through problem identification and prioritization exercises, culminating in a guided series of recommendations from EK’s world-leading experts. The 2-day workshop (12 hours) will deliver an initial vision and roadmap to shape KM efforts, help to obtain executive support and buy-in, and guide budgeting and out-year planning to deliver measurable progress.

  • Training, Facilitation, and Coaching to design a sustainable KM strategy
  • A report outlining KM and business value for your organization
  • An Actionable Roadmap to guide your organization to KM maturity


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