Knowledge Portals: A 2023 Trend

Join Enterprise Knowledge, Squirro, and Semantic Web Company on Mar 14th, 2023, at 11am ET / 16h CET for this 1-hour virtual event.

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As companies keep struggling to make the most of their constantly growing data, and their stakeholders spend more time sifting through disparate sources, various technologies have been developed to solve several pieces of the puzzle. However, these technologies, on their own, don’t fully solve the problem of converting this data into business intelligence.

By combining certain technologies, a holistic solution can be produced: The Knowledge Portal.

Knowledge Portals are not a single technology solution, but rather an integrated suite, typically comprised of a web front-end, content management solution, enterprise search, recommender system, and knowledge graph.

Here to talk about Knowledge Portals are three companies leading the field: Enterprise Knowledge, Squirro, and Semantic Web Company. Our executive panelists will provide insight about Knowledge Portals from their unique perspectives, discussing some of their key benefits:

  • Knowledge Portals serve as centralized knowledge space that can be used across an organization
  • They are rich in context, granting the ability to find business assets more quickly
  • They are critical for getting the full picture of a project or information on a client so that users can be best informed when approaching a business situation
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