Overview of Taxonomies and Artificial Intelligence

Heather Hedden, Senior Consultant at Enterprise Knowledge, presented “An Overview of Taxonomies and AI” on January 30th, 2024, in the inaugural webinar of the “Artificial Intelligence webinar series: The promise and the perils,” hosted by the Knowledge & Information Management Group of CILIP, the library and information association of the UK. In her presentation, Heather explained, with examples, how both generative AI and other AI technologies support taxonomy development and use and how taxonomies can support AI applications.

Explore the presentation to learn:

  • Why both top-down and bottom-up methods are needed in taxonomy creation
  • What AI methods are used for auto-tagging and auto-classification with taxonomies
  • How AI methods can extract candidate terms for taxonomy creation
  • How generative AI can be used for certain bottom-up taxonomy development tasks
  • How AI can be used to analyze a taxonomy against a corpus of documents
  • How generative AI can be used in queries to analyze a taxonomy
  • What AI applications taxonomies can support
Heather Hedden Heather Hedden Heather is a taxonomy consultant who has been working in the field of taxonomies and information management for over 28 years. In addition to taxonomy and ontology consulting, Heather gives workshops on taxonomy creation, and she is author of the book "The Accidental Taxonomist, 3rd edition." More from Heather Hedden »